Medjugorje Trip 2007 Lily Crowe

MedjugorjeHaving recently returned from our annual parish pilgrimage to Medujorje, I am happy to say it was one of our most successful.

Our group consisted of 37 people mostly from the parish, accompanied by Fr Michael O'Grady (incidentally his first trip)

We had a happy prayerful week, and like all happy occasions we laughed a lot as well.

As the house we use is very much in demand , we have already booked it for next year. If you ever thought you would like to go there dont hesitate any longer. I promise you, you will not regret it.

We have a prayer meeting on 1st Tuesday of every month in the parish centre, which is attended by an average of 30 people. Anniversary Mass on July 3rd at 8p.m

All are welcome to attend, refreshments afterwards

St. Judes Pilgrims
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