The Easter Garden at St. Jude's Parish Church April 2011
The Peace of the Risen Jesus be with you

Belonging and inclusiveness are the themes for this year’s tableau. Every human heart yearns to belong with others in friendship. The shelter of belonging empowers us; it helps us to endure external pressures.  In winter especially during strong winds flowers and herbs growing in clumps shelter and strengthen one another while a flower standing alone is beaten down by the same wind.  As we remember the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus just think of the way his followers helped one another as they became distraught at His treatment, and the joy they shared at His resurrection.
Our own Irish saying “Ar scáth a céile a mhaireann na daoine” ‘People do best when they live in a community’ explains itall. We have a lovely Church and Pastoral Centre where we can all meet in comfort.  How are we as people of God doing our part to bring this spirit of belonging and encouragement to each other in our Parish.

A Crown of prickly thorns: was made at a moments notice from thorny bushes nearby to crown Jesus and humiliate Him in front of his followers.
A Sponge on a Reed – As Jesus suffered on the cross Roman soldiers held up a sponge with a pain killing mixture of herbs and vinegar but Jesus refused to take it. When are the times we have held out a helping hand to other people. Think of all the people who have helped us along our way.
A cup: "Father", Jesus said "if you are willing take this cup away from Me". Of course we know the Cup was merely a methopher for the horrendous suffering He was about to endure. We can also ask for our burdens to be taken from us.
Thirty Pieces of Silver: Judas is alledged to have betrayed Jesus in return for money. Are there times in our lives when we have betrayed people?
A Sandal: as Jesus was dragged roughly away He may have lost his sandal and a Handkerchief spotted with blood "and His sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood"

The red berries under the cross represent “His sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood”
The Herbs growing together in the garden survive better than the battered single plant standing alone.
Myrtle is a shrub which symbolises ‘Joy, Peace and the Bountiful Life’
The Boxthorn plant is believed to have been the hedge from which the Crown of Thorns was made.
Peace Lily – “Peace I leave you, my peace I give you “ a symbol of the peace that comes through the death and resurrection of Jesus.