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This bulletin announced the opening of the first primary school in July 1975. Parishioners were invited to put their children's names down for the school.

The Hall within the school was to be a general-purpose area and could be used for after school activities and parochial events.

Wednesday November 27th after the 10 O'Clock Mass the site for the Church was blessed and the first sod was turned. It would be completed by Autumn 1975. He thanked the parishioners for their generous contributions to the house-to-house collections and reiterated that it was due to their generosity that the work could commence.

Fr Boland went on to say that cost was a major consideration. The church would cost 89.000 and would fit in with the housing around it, which formed part of a shopping centre and which was completed in stages. The cost of three bedroom houses in the area went up by 50% in two years and this illustrated how reasonable the cost of the church really was.

There were two presbyteries to be built beside the Church and the school for obvious reasons of accessibility and security.

The very first Christmas Sale took place in The Hut on 7th and 8th December 1974. Stalls with Clothes. Books, Toys, Groceries, Home Baking Raffles and Fancy gifts were all there and of course Santa was in attendance.

February 1974

Fr Boland began with the now familiar welcome to the Parish and an update on developments.

The school would open in July 1975. It cost 162,000, of which one ninth or 18,000 was the local contribution. This was paid by a loan from the bank.

"The Hut" still continued to be used for a variety of activities. Through the assistance of SHARE a loan was raised to fund the church and it would be completed on time.

The Parish was in the "red" for the first time because of the payment for the school. Up to 31st December 1974 4,723 was collected and the Christmas Sale raised 630 which was extraordinary considering the size of the Hut.

A further census with help of parishioners was carried out and people were invited to contribute.

April 1975

April 6th 1975 Dermot Archbishop of Dublin blessed the foundation stone of the Church of St Jude The Apostle.

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