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Advent 2023

Advent Prayer
Most High and Glorious God, just as the Advent candles dispel the dark, so, too, You dispel the darkness of injustice and oppression. We give You thanks for those through whom You have illuminated the way to Your Son.
God of the Poor, grant us the generosity of heart to provide for those who suffer under the burden of extreme poverty – Open our eyes to the sources of inequality that disenfranchise women all over the world.
God of Freedom, grant us the confidence to work for the liberation of those who have been ensnared by contemporary slavery – Give us the courage to defend the rights of our sisters, and all who have been degraded by sexual exploitation and human trafficking.
God of Justice, grant us the strength to journey with our migrant and refugee sisters and brothers – Inspire us to dismantle the barriers, both physical walls and those within our hearts, that are propped up by xenophobia, racism, and fear.
God of Mercy, grant us the compassion to comfort those who mourn because of senseless violence – May we learn to value the sanctity of all life, especially those who are seen as less than because of the color of their skin, their social class, or their addiction.
Ignite our hearts with Your justice, as we wait with joyful and expectant hope for Your coming.
                                                                                                              Franciscans International

Jesus is the Reason for the Season