Funeral Info

Death is something that will eventually hit us or our loved ones. But as a Christian people we realise that death does not have the final word. We, here in St Jude's are aware of how difficult a time like this can be. It is normal practice for funerals to be booked with us through the undertaker. Once we are informed of a funeral it is our policy to pay a visit to the home of the deceased and to meet their family members. At this meeting we normally bring with us a funeral resource book to help the families chooses readings and prayers for the Funeral Mass. We also are happy to answer any questions that people may have in relation to the removal, Funeral Mass, and burial.

Removals here are usually the evening before the burial at 5.30pm. This depends on the undertakers and the possibility of another funeral. The removal takes the form of a very brief service where prayers are offered for the dead, the Word of God is proclaimed, and a short homily is given. The service concludes with the general intercessions and a decade of the rosary. In more recent years some families prefer not to have the usual procession of sympathisers at the end, preferring to meet people outside the church. If you would prefer this please let us know and it can be announced.

Funeral Masses, also known as Requiem Masses normally take place at 10am. During the Mass the family of the deceased is invited to proclaim the Word of God, and to read the prayer of the Faithful and also to bring the offertory gifts to the Altar. If families would like to present symbols reflecting the person's life this should be done at the removal the evening before, or at the beginning of Mass. If a family member would like to say a few words about the deceased this can be done at the removal or after Holy Communion on the morning of the Mass. We ask people to be brief and to discuss content with the celebrant of the Mass.

Music and Funerals. It is normal practice for music to be played on the occasion of a funeral and perhaps to have a singer. Here in the parish we have a resident organist who plays the organ at funeral. Families are free to employ a soloist if they wish. If a family wishes to have an organist apart from the resident one it is normal practice that the resident organist be paid his normal fee. This is because this ministry is his livelihood. We ask families to please inform us of what music they wish to be played at the funeral of their loved ones. Music should be Christian in nature and in harmony with the belief that life continues after death. Secular pieces of music may be played as the coffin leaves the church as long as the pieces played are appropriate for use in the church. Other secular music may be played at the graveyard or in the crematorium.

Month's Mind Masses. It is traditional in the weeks following a funeral for families to come together to offer a Mass usually the month after a funeral has taken place. This can be booked with one of the priests. As a rule Sunday masses are booked well in advance but we will arrange the nearest mass as close to the month after death as possible.

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